The Distractions Are Many! Omicron They Are Begging Their Demon gods to Appear! Pray! – And We Know (Must Video)

The vaccines have failed protecting you from anything COVID but highly successful in giving you heart attacks, strokes, and numerous crippling injuries. Before you go to hospital arm yourself with an unvax doctor and a lawyer. Demand Ivermectin.

ShadowMaster3. Be careful what you are putting out there as advice. I just came home from two weeks in the hospital with Covid. I barely made it. My best friend died of it yesterday. While we did not get from each other, the timelines make a virtual impossibility. For that small gift from God, I am grateful. I could never bear it if I thought otherwise. She did give it to a fully vaxed neighbor who did exactly the correct thing to safe her own life…..she remembered My friend doing some sniffling and coughing on two days before so,she got immediately tested.

Then, immediately sourced amonoclonal antibody center and got the treatment. She was fine within acday or two. Her husband never got Covid. The thing about the monoclonals……they work. But you have to be almost symptom free, ie at the very first stage. Second, they are running out everywhere. My family doctor is having difficulty sourcing it. My neighbor sourced her own and found it townships away at a fire station.

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