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The Biggest Exposé of the Century: How NESARA/GESARA Law Is About to Unleash A New Era!

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Have you ever felt like something’s been held back from us? The secrets, the lies, the shadowy hands pulling strings behind the curtain of society? Of course, you have. It’s time to unleash the truths. Hold onto your hats, dear reader, for I’m about to guide you through the alarming, yet empowering revelation of NESARA/GESARA Law, the plan that promises to reshape our very existence.

The Cleansing Tornado: Debt Annihilation

A debt-free world? Sounds impossible, right? Think again! The so-called “Year of Jubilee,” a term some wise folks refer to, is just around the corner. A time when all credit card, mortgage, and other banking debts will be erased due to the illegal activities perpetrated by dark powers. Your house, your car, your future, no longer shackled to the merciless grip of the banks.

Tax and the Shackles of the IRS

We all feel it, the noose of taxation tightening around our necks. The dark powers controlling the IRS have exploited us long enough. But NESARA/GESARA is here to cut those ropes! Imagine a world without income tax, where the IRS is abolished and a fair 17% sales tax on non-essential items reigns. Food and medicine remain untouched by this tax, as well as second-hand items like old houses. A fair system that refuses to kneel to the manipulative tactics that have kept us down for too long.

Protecting Our Elders and Restoring Justice

Why do our seniors suffer while shadowy forces play with their pensions like gambling chips? That era is coming to an end! Increased benefits for seniors, a restoration of the Constitution in all courts, and a revival of titles that will correct the wrongs perpetrated by unseen elites are on the horizon. The truth is rising, and there’s no stopping it now.

A New Age of Politics and Elections

The curtains are being drawn, exposing the dark manipulations in elections and governance. The days of fraudulent elections, the twisted games played by special interest groups, are over. NESARA/GESARA is enforcing new presidential and legislative elections and clean campaigns where cheating will not be possible. Even the gold bankers’ profiteering days are numbered as they will no longer make huge profits illegally.

A Triumph Over the Horrors of Human Trafficking


Let’s talk about something vile, something that lurks in the darkest corners: human trafficking. Children tortured, rejuvenating hormones extracted, and profits made. But NESARAGESARA is striking back! A new dawn where justice prevails is coming, and the trafficking bases are being destroyed.

Restoring Financial Sanity and Privacy

We’re forging ahead with a new banking system in accordance with the Constitution, abolishing the Federal Reserve System, restoring financial privacy, and retraining all Constitutional judges and lawyers. We’re tearing down the old, corrupt system, and we won’t stop until the job’s done.

Ending the Madness of War and Establishing Peace

Wars started illegally? The military-industrial complex controlled for profit? Those days are over! NESARA/GESARA is ending aggressive military actions and establishing peace throughout the world. Dangerous nuclear weapons, weapons, and nuclear power plants will be dismantled. Safety and security will prevail.

Prosperity, Technology, and a World Without Weapons

Get ready for unprecedented prosperity with support from hidden funds. Wealth for everyone, and a rich life without even needing money. More than 6,000 suppressed technology patents, including free energy devices, antigravity devices, sonic therapy devices, will be released. Even our lifespans will increase, diseases will be cured, and lost limbs and organs will be regenerated. Finally, the elimination of all nuclear weapons from Earth will ensure our lasting peace.

This is not mere speculation, not some wild dream. NESARA/GESARA Law is a beacon of hope, a declaration of freedom, and the end of a world order that has exploited us for too long. It’s time for the truth. It’s time for action. It’s time for a new dawn.

The clock is ticking. Join the movement, and let’s embrace the future that NESARA/GESARA promises. The revolution begins with us, and the truth shall set us free.

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