Testimony From A Real Clone

Testimony From A Real Clone 

A variety of topics from around the internet. Some videos are mine but most are not. If I re-post a video from someone else I will try to cite them and may or may not offer a link to their channel. Most anything I would like to share with you already exists in a video that indeed would most likely be better than I could make from scratch covering the same subject. I don’t always agree with 100% of what I might post. I gave up looking for tailored fit to anything in our off the rack world. I also know that even with the vast amount of research and understanding I have, I really know very little. However, most know much less than that.

It has been my experience that the smarter someone thinks they are, the more ignorant and narrow minded they are. How do i know this? I used to be smart at one time also. It was quite an awakening to find out that I really knew almost nothing.

The topics are things I believe, understand (or I am trying to understand) and focus on getting out the truth or at least a better version than is offered from the mainstream vendors of garbage for the mind.

I am very passionate about our children and humanity and the terrible things being done to both. I am not anti or pro anything. I am not prejudice, I distrust and despise equally. I am not political, it is a complete waste of time. I do not vote as I do not care to encourage criminals. If you are waiting on any one human besides yourself to save you then you are already lost.

I have a wonderful relationship with our creator and get upset with our creator from time to time. However I am sure I upset creation on a daily basis so it seems to work out.

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