Technocracy Author Patrick Wood Tells Mike Adams The Global Takedown Of Humanity Was All Planned! – Must Video

While the Apocalypse looms above our heads like a thick dark storm cloud, the Luciferian Elite are eagerly planning for their A.I. controlled Smart Cities, their Soylent Green supply for the FEMA Camps, militarized robots to seek and destroy the opposition, a worldwide surveillance and biometric cashless society, and renewable clean energy to reduce our carbon footprint.

It appears the Global Elite have been hinting at a new clean energy technology for decades in movies and predictive programming media, and it seems now is the opportune time to release it with the appearance of the AntiChrist One World Order (Revelation 13). Once they collapse the oil industry, the supply chain, the food systems, the power grid, the global economy, and more, then they can appear as the false saviors with all of the “right” solutions. Problem, reaction, solution.


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