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Suddenly, The Timetable Is Speeding Up! “No Deals”!! – Truth & Art TV

One thing we can count on: Barack Obama will NEVER commit suicide. His enormous ego and total denial of the thousands of evil acts he’s been responsible for will keep him alive and kicking for many decades to come. I only hope some of those decades are spent at Guantanamo Bay. If Obama gets away with this, America will never heal its wounds. Americans will forever have an embedded sense of distrust of their own government. Obama brought this to us, not Biden. Obama enable the attacks on Trump, Obama infested the agencies with partisan hacks, Obama got everyone used to ignoring court orders i.e. Eric Holder and the IRS. Obama let him slide; it could have been different if Obama had not been giving Holder the orders to shut down the Tea Party, which he successfully did, with no accountability whatsoever. We need to bring him to justice in some way or another.

If Hunter Biden did turn on the “big man”, this would be a huge win for freedom loving Americans!

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