Strange Happenings! UK Is Free? Others Join In! NESARA GESARA Activated! White House In Reinforced Wallw! Pray! – And We Know Must Video

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We’re About To See Some Really Cool Stuff Start Happening > We’re Down To The Wire Now
– A Lot Of People That Thought We Weren’t Going To Save The Country Are About To Find Out We’re Going To Save The Country
– The Jan 20th One Year #Marker
– It’s A Very Precise Legal Threshold > A Very Important Threshold We’re About To Cross
– If You Subvert Another Country’s Elections It Is An ‘Act Of War’
– The Geneva Conventions Allow For Accepted International Nation State War Responses
– The DoD Law Of War Manual Also Specifies Particular Actions Around ‘Occupying Forces’
– If The Elections Allowed For Someone To Seize Control Of America Covertly > [They] Would Have One Year To Legally Declare Themselves
– If There Was Some Kind Of Fraud In The 2020 Election Orchestrated Outside The U.S. > That Is An ‘Act Of War’
– As Of Jan 20th 2022 Anyone Who Has Not Identified Themselves Now Becomes A ‘Belligerent’ Occupying Force
– Once That One Year #Marker Passes > The Military Now Has A Legal Justification To Act Militarily Within The Borders Of Their Own Country
– When Trump Closed Up NORAD Cheyenne Mountain In 2020 He Said ‘We May Already Be At War And Not Realize It’ * Wink * Wink *
– Mike Pompeo Also Stated Publicly That We Were In A ‘Live Exercise’
– Why Is Jan 20th So Critical > That Is When The Military Clock Started Ticking Following The Jan 6th Certification Of The Election
– It Always Was Going To Take Military Action

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