Stew Peters: Proof Fauci Knew Kids Would Die In Experimental Vax Rollout! Confirmation Biden Molested Daughter! – Must Video

The government of Australia is forcing every device to be plugged into a central database, for tracking and, if necessary, deactivation. It’s an integral part of the push for global digital ID, with governments and private companies tracking everything you do. 1984 is upon us!

ABSOLUTE proof the Biden is a child molester. The pair that Stole Ashley Biden’s diary have been arrested….why would they need to do this if Biden was clean? Noel Fritsch exposes how Biden is CONFIRMED PEDOPHILE

Alia Renee joins to expose how the vaccine has injured her body, and through shedding, her unvaccinated daughter too!


Foster kids are the guinea pigs for drugs and dosages. Now, we see that Dr. Anthony Fauci has approved dangerous and deadly AID/HIV drugs to foster care children, who are being force-fed the oral drugs against their will. Celia Farber joins us today to talk.

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