Stew Peters Live – Dr. David Martin: Biden Felonies Imminent! Special Olympics Bans Purebloods! Watch the Water! – Must Video

Monday on the Stew Peters Show, Dr. David Martin shares how the Biden junta may be facing imminent indictment for felony crimes against humanity.

Stew also shares a breathtaking preview of an in-depth interview with Dr. Bryan Ardis about the satanic undertones of the plandemic.

Go to to reach out and share your story of vaccine injury or death of your loved one, relative, friend, or neighbor.

Dr. Jane Ruby details the mass murder being plotted through the poisoning of our public water supply, and the clear impact it is having on the health of Americans unknowingly consuming arsenic and other poisons.

Canadian patriot Christopher Sky joins Stew to details the new extremes that Trudeau Castro is endeavoring including freezing the bank accounts of truckers and using globalist mercenaries to erase the identities of dissents.

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