Star Trek: Voyager Actor Tim Russ is Barack Obama Body Double

Tim Russ, the actor who played the Vulcan Tuvok in Star Trek: Voyager in the 1990s, has revived his acting career with a fresh gig: portraying disgraced former President Barack Hussein Obama on television and in public, sources at U.S. Army Cyber Command (ARCYBER) told Real Raw News.

For years, alternative news has claimed that Obama actual had faced justice and beenreplaced by body doubles and doppelgangers, spitting images of the man who reportedly smells like sulfur and was dubbed “Lord of the flies” after insects inexplicably landed on his head during numerous press conferences.

White Hats, however, remain unconvinced that Obummer bought the farm, and say parables of his demise may be premature. As one high-ranking source at Guantanamo Bay told RRN, “If someone got him, it wasn’t us, and we’ve not seen substantiable proof he’s dead. We’ve never heard chatter—and his death would be pretty big deal.”

Irrespective of whether the Dark Lord is upright or planted horizontally in the ground, he has found an ally in Russ, who, sources say, recently played the part of Obama at a speaking event in Sydney, Australia, where 9,000 people paid $900 to hear him and man-wife Michael Robinson praise Aussie gun-control laws, blast President Donald Trump, and tout construction of his Obama Presidential Center in Chicago.

ARCYBER hadn’t even heard of Russ until November 2022, when a CIA dissenter sentDeputy Commanding General Paul G. Craft a dossier saying the Agency had groomed an Obama lookalike.

Russ and Obama have similarities: facial structure, complexion, nose angle, length, and width. They also share a similar enunciation. Obama has bigger ears, but Russ wears prosthetics, as he did to look Vulcan in Voyager, when impersonating him. They are in the same age bracket, Russ 66, and Obama 61, and have identical hair texture, though Russ, the dossier said, dyed his to match Obama’s shade of grey. Russ wears elevated shoes to account for their difference in height—Obama is three inches taller than Russ.

The dossier alleges that Russ has been obsessed with Obama since at least 2014. A then-57-year-old Russ petitioned his agent to secure an audition for Southside With You, a 2015 film—entirely fictitious, by the way—about a young, lovestruck Obama wooing Michelle on a first date across Chicago. Told he was too old to play the part, Russ argued he could be de-aged through CGI and play a convincing Barack Hussein Obama.

“The CIA papers don’t say why they need actors to imitate Obama, but clearly say they approached Tim Russ last year. They mention putting Russ through rigorous training so that even astute observers wouldn’t be able to tell he wasn’t Obama unless they were right up in his face. They taught him to walk, talk, and act like Obama, just like they taught actor Arthur Roberts to pretend to be Joseph Biden. Tim Russ is the new Hussein Obama,” our source said.

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