Soul Ripping From Body as Vaccine Adverse Effect! Viewer Discretion Advised: Demon Spills the Beans on COVID Vaccine!! Prime Creator Confirms Jab Can Cause Soul to Depart the Body! 

Soul Ripping From Body As Vaccine Adverse Effect!!  Viewer Discretion Advised: Demon Spills The Beans On Covid Vaccine!! Prime Creator Confirms Jab Can Cause Soul To Depart The Body!

(Don’t miss at O.N.E. News: Soul Can Easily Depart Body After First Jab!! Transformation Into Machine, And Zombification Towards Death And “The Great Dying”, Says St. Germain!! Prime Creator “Soul Liquefied” And Not Everyone Is Susceptible!! (Part 3))

Important to comprehend there’s a spiritual component to the vaxx.

Demon has some startling things to say about the vaxx, that humanity needs to comprehend. This chilling viewing and please invoke spiritual protection before proceeding around 2;00 mark. 


What the demon says, is also confirmed in the following video. I asked Prime Creator if the soul vacates the body when someone gets the “vaccine”… His answer was very interesting… He equates to being like a vampire bite… and He has much more to say on the matter. If you need some spiritual protection, listen to these words! Creator describes it as the soul dissolving away from the body… and this isn’t a given, and doesn’t necessarily happen to everybody…

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