Situation Update: WW3 Looms! Incoming Vax Death Tsunami! FBI Weaponized Corruption! Calls For Chris Wray’s Resignation! Kash Patel On FBI! Biden Admits 2020 Election Steal! – We The People News

Cancelled Eye Specialist Reveals “7 Second Ritual” To Restore Perfect 20/20 Vision

Nothing can stop the fall of the Cabal.

Patriots and Saints are one in the same.
Just as is the name of this game.
They are all here to make their move.
Will it be correct or will they all lose.
The fact of the matter it has already been done.
You really are watching a movie my loved ones.

Destruction of all the evil on earth
Is the beginning of our own rebirth.
NEVER doubt for one minute longer
The storm and war is growing stronger.
For all those who fear and can’t take the heat.
Get the out of the way for the warriors who are deep.
The ones who are CYA while you sleep.
Support them all for they are no sheep.
They all belong to God’s flock of Angels.
Protecting and guiding the weak out of danger.

When, do you say enough is enough.
When you get up and are tired of this stuff
Is there a way out of this mess
Yes there is because we all have been blessed
This is not a game of just wit.
This is the game to end all of this 💩
Yes, trust the plan is all some of you hear.
Sit back, have popcorn and another cold beer.
This is your freedom of your own life.
Given to us all with God’s blessing in sight.


How many times does it have to be said
God Always wins or we are already dead.
But each of you now are still very much alive.
You’re not living in a fema camp or denied.
So stop all your complaints of nothing to see.
If you don’t see then you better believe.
GOD WINS and so do we.
Thanks to God’s warriors behind the scenes.

#SaveTheChildren ……as always said
Are the key, for us all to live free again.🙏


Who feed on our children for their own pleasure.
Now do you understand the extremes to be measured.?

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