Situation Update: Welcome To The New World! NESARA/GESARA Announcement! Jab Death Reality! Depopulation Craze!! – We The People News

We are almost half way thru Oct. & it hasn’t been RED yet! We have seen NOTHING really that all these “truthers” are predicting. I’m to the point, “I’ll believe it, when I see it”. I’m at home surrounded by all this FOOD & WATER I have stored up – I think it’s all just a ploy to keep Americans quiet. Patriotism is losing ground I’m afraid!

I agree, seldom watch anymore. Can watch once a week same Intel if you call it that. Goalposts moved for months. If this going to happen we need soon. Look at is happening to our Frontline workers, mothers at school meetings. We are the Patriots being punished. The sleepers are not. I’m getting to be so over this. I continue to pray 🙏 will be our only salvation.

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