Situation Update: Trump Signals! Biden Snubbed By Criminal Partners! Russia To Reveal Biolab Horrors! Russian Soldiers Rescue Children From Tunnels! Durham Investigation! Food Shortages & Riots! – We The People News 

Here's What People Are Buying Right Now!

-Hillary Clinton caught spying on President Trump
-Hillary Clinton test positive for covid.
-Obama caught spying on President Trump
-Ukraine biolabs exposed
-Hunter Biden’s laptop has been confirmed (real)
-Hunter Biden is going to be indicted
-CDC is scapegoating CNN as their source for vaccine safety
-Barry is implicated in dangerous pathogen Biolabs in Ukraine
-Soros potentially implicated in COVID
-US government implicated in COVID/Biolabs in Ukraine
-Neo-nazis and CIA helping fight against Russia in Ukraine
-FBI involved with 1/6
-Pfizer docs come out showing how bad the vaccine is
-Fauci is nowhere to be found
-COVID is nowhere to be found
-Fake News losing its grip

The Deep State is getting their teeth kicked in right now………..!

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