Situation Update: The Great Awakening Is Here! Washington DC State of Emergency! Russian Reserves! Ukraine! NATO/Russian Confrontation Looming! – We The People News

Word has it that President Trump is coming back in January, so now its Nesara time before he comes back and of course the EBS. Cant wait to tell people, “I told ya so, whose nuts now”, we Patriots have bitten our lips enough, its OUR TIME NOW!

Congressional Covid Money Laundering: 1. “Fauci and Friends” bioengineer a virus in a lab 2. Knowing the new virus is coming, Congressmen buy stock in vaccine producers like Pfizer and Moderna 3. Vaccines are purchased and subsidized by federal governments around the world (the ‘market’ is now ‘made’) 4. Money flows from governments to manufacturers 5. Private and public industry collude to green light billions of dollars to advertise vaccines, much of it coming from tax dollars. For each person vaccinated, Congress profits from their stock holdings in vaccine producers. Are there any restrictions on what stocks FDA, CDC, NIH, or NIIAD employees can trade in?

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