Situation Update: The Final Takedown! It’s Always Darkest Before Dawn! Gene Decode! Russian Military Moving! Mask Madness! Hollywood Witchcraft! – We The People News

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He’s playing the game with the deepstate. I think he’s using his people to help deliver the message. But basically the sting operation can’t be compromised during the final takedown. By saying you have your freedoms, he’s letting us know while remaining position until we finish the job. When you understand the complexity of this military operation. I think it’s pretty obvious by now that it’s not safe. The deepstate will have to take the fall since they devised this evil plan on us long ago. This is bigger than Trump, democrats, vaccines, Republicans. It’s about taking down their entire pedo operation.

I have. I live in a town that’s full of them. But maybe it’s not that they’re afraid. They are rule-following Karens, every one of them, and they’re just angry because they see a rebel who won’t follow their rules which they take very personally, like it’s a really nasty insult. You see, you not wearing a mask is the same as telling them they’re stupid, and they are, but don’t like being told so.

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