Situation Update: Russia Officially Declares War With NATO/US! Weapons Supplied To Ukraine Create Proxy War! Pfizer Knew Vax Would Kill! Germany To Cease Vax! – We The People News 

The corrupt that created the Plandemic, CV-19 Hoax & genocide jabs I pray will face Crimes against Humanity! I pray God’s wrath comes down on the evil murderers of Humanity! The abuse of Big Pharma & Health care agencies involved in this genocide agenda are deceitful psychopaths IMO. Our economy is in shambles, families are struggling/ stretched financially, families are estranged due to some of us being aware of truth, while many others are asleep and totally unaware and unable to look at info/ research in an attempt to warn them…. Of danger of poison jabs etc. I keep praying for all, the election theft needs to be fixed, the satanic cabal dismantled( as I feel it is in progress). God Bless and protect President Trump, alliance, military, and all God loving people. I pray “ We the people” see soon the people arrested/ executed for Crimes against Humanity And Treason. 🙏


This is my FAV trusted source ^^^^💪💪
All source links to the report can be found on the TELEGRAM: https://t.me/BestNewsHere

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