Situation Update: Restore The Republic! China Joe Election Theft Act Of War! Fed Rate Hike Equals Market Collapse! Dem Bill Equals Theft! 209 Nations Gold Backed! End of Petro Dollar! White Hat Intel! Monkeypox Declared Emergency In SF! – We The People News

Good day to all PATRIOTS around the world Another beautiful day has been unfurled God is watching us, with a great love Filled with his grace and power from above.

Embrace all this and never concede. We all need freedom of our faith to truly believe. There will be an end to all death and destruction Put all your faith in him and united, end all corruption. A new and brighter day is on the horizon.

Try to embrace and soon you will be realizing Freedom will come, there is no denying. Where we go one, we go all, United This is real truth, and we will Not be divided. #SaveTheChildren….believe what you see.

They are the precious ones, that need to Be. Forever in God’s care endlessly. 🙏 Pray

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