Situation Update – President Trump: Let’s Finish This! The Big Event! Darkness Than Light! DUMBs & Tunnels! Vaxed vs. Unvaxed! – We The People News

Here's What People Are Buying Right Now!

God WILL provide! Maybe even soon and very well! I was terminated over 3 months ago…and was soooo relieved to be gone from a place that was making everybody take Death Shots.

Also relieved that THEY fired me, I preferred nit to be the one to quit in case I might want to pursue legal action at some point.

ALSO relieved not to have to worked around vaxed, shedding staff, or they’d want me to get tested w/ allegedly tainted (I would not be surprised) swab things, and everybody–vaxed and unvaxed alike–was going to have to wear masks all day as well. These places, they act like they are the last job in the world! There are tons of jobs out there!

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