Situation Update: Omen Of The Great Awakening! Zero Hour Equals Fall Of The Cabal! False Flag Event To Trigger Nuke Standoff! Devolution Activated! JFK Jr. Return! – We The People News 

For all those who believe the storm has yet to come. Maybe you should look around at all that is done. The years of underground clearing of tunnels and dumbs.

Unimaginable numbers of abused children, focus on these little ones. The clearing of the Khazarian Mafia once and for all. The exposure of Americas treasonous criminals as they fall. Actors in place until the final arrests are done. You do realize your watching a movie till Gods won. The storm has passed now just the cleanup left to do. If you are in need of help call on a Patriot brother or two. Together and forever we will all pull each other through. Not to ever forget, the suffering we all painfully knew. This is the year 2022 where all the cleanup will be. Get a grip Patriot and stop being so gloomy. Stuck in despair and your own internal misery. Cheer up will ya, have faith in God the almighty!


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All source links to the report can be found on the TELEGRAM: https://t.me/BestNewsHere

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