Situation Update: Mr. Confusion Is in Control? Biden Crime Family! Ukrainian/Biden Corruption! Red Line for NATO! Senate Hearing Vax Deaths Shocking! WH 2nd Floor Prisoner! – We The People News 

Thank You Mary, We Appreciate Everything You Do for We the Patriots, Including Your Time, Research, Editing, Loyalty and Dedication. You Put Out Info That Other Channels Do Not on WW Events, and it’s Very Well Appreciated. Thank You Peace and Much Love to You and All Patriots WW. Anita Dunn Had Her Day 1 Tribunal. She Was Biden’s Handler, and Working in Cahoots With Fauci, She Without a Medical Degree, Was Trying to Get Fauci to Make Humans Get 6 Poison Jabs. Her Statement, Where Is Fauci, Rear Admiral Crandell Stated, He Will Be Here Soon. The Charges Were Sedition, Treason and C A Humanity.


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