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Everyone needs to become an American state national, A US citizen does not have the rights given to us by God and that are in the founding documents. We the people have been kidnapped into a corporation without knowing it. Check any government document with your name on it, drivers license, birth certificate, SSI card, credit cards, mortgage payment, property tax bill. Marriage license, Even your name on your personal checks. This name in capital letter is a fictional person they attached to you at birth. The birth certificate is a bond and a registration just like your car has.

They cant tax the living man or woman so they hooked a debt interment to you. They made you responsible for any debt. The good news is, there is a way out of this. You have to do a passport as a state citizen, it has to be done the right way. And I would suggest you do all the paperwork with the American state national assembly unincorporated. Go to coppermoonshinestills.com to learn about the passport. I had destinationfreedom.org do my passport. reach out to me if you need help. Also look at the video on YouTube by Yusef el called how to get on the do not detain list on youtube

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