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Our Time Has Come

Squirm oh you dark ones, I see fear on your face.
Your eyes look bewildered, your skin turned to paste.

The bed you have made, where you once slept sound.
Now you toss, and you turn, hearing confusion all around.

It was a great ride, or so you did think.
Now your life, out of balance, soon gone in a wink.

Your demise is well scripted, plan of the century.
Until you realized, that you caused, what is now to be.

You tortured our babies, for beauty, for fame, and power, and greed..
Just some, of what your, self serving legacy will be.

So good riddance cabalist, or whatever name fits you now.
Humanity no longer needs you, or wants you, no how.

Please join me, if you would, in saying so long.
To the dark side, and all those who chose, to go along.

Say goodbye to their system. it failed miserably anyway.
The light is here, it is all around, breathe it in right away.

Go ahead, take a breath, feel the joy that it brings.
Friends this is why, the breath of love, is a God given thing.

Not tomorrow, or the next day, even an hour from now.
Waste not another minute, absorb all you can, breathe it in now!

You see, the dark did not learn, what we already knew.
That love is eternal, for We the People, like me and you.

My heart to your heart,
Albert M aka: besovereign1

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