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So, this is Christmas, let us be thankful, for all we have got.
Another year ending, for all the criminals who got caught.
A very Merry Christmas, to all who believe.
The darkness is leaving, there is no reprieve.

Let us appreciate, for all that has been achieved.
Gods heaven has won now, we graciously receive.
So this is Christmas, not the dark some perceived.
Let the light shine upon you, open your heart and believe.

Merry Christmas Patriots, for semantics I care not.
True love over words, a simple lesson we were taught.
Be kind to someone, let it be your train of thought.
Give a hug or two daily, your warmth they forget not.

Let us rejoice now, for this beautiful space.
Mary gives us all, where we write and embrace.
So Merry Christmas, good tears flow down my face.
God bless you all, for your kindness and grace.
A great new year coming, for We the People, of the human race.

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