Situation Update: It’s Time to End the Satanic NWO! CERN CIA HQ. Taken Out! Joe & Hunter Biden Holdings! Vatican Exposed & Empty! – We The People News

They’re trying to dehumanize us; cover our faces we can’t see each other its basic!
Mask up and muzzled tagged and no matter what color we are condemning us far right racists
Black, white yellow, red human beings born.
With freedom in our blood our ancestors fought in in times war torn.
But not even 80 years on it’s our turn to tear down this communism banging at all our doors

We have to be brave we can’t give up a fight we have to for God sake resist with all our might
I may not know you but you’re my brother sister mother or child in arms and I will be a voice that pierces the night until morning comes

We know there are dark times to come but it means we have to steadfast our resolve and prepare to lose things we’d rather not think of.

Because in war prices are paid not of money or gain but of your moral conduct immortalised yet never in vain.

So look at your loved ones reach out to your brothers love one another. Rejoice in this time because I find myself asking why now why me?

And if you can see this it’s because we chose it to fight a wicked regime. We’re all just star dust created the same but for our children we fight so their rights remain.

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