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Situation Update: High Strangeness In DC! Trump Having Golf Course Meetings! Vans In Front Of White House! Military Tribunals! Total Economic Collapse Coming! – We The People News

Ah yes the demon bloodlines that were.
Rothschilds and Rockefellers now just a blur.
They once thought they would rule and incur.
Yet God’s We the People said heck no and demurred.

These demon freaks along with the rest of their ilk.
Always thought they would lay in the finest silk.
Yet their own egos will ultimately defeat them.
No sheets needed where they are going, condemned.

They all talked pretty spewing propaganda lies.
Straight in your face hoping eventually you’d die.
Through their demon eyes there is no heart deep inside.
Their dark satan ways truly laughed when we cried.


Preying on our children, they are scum to the end.
Not once did we believe they were ever our friends.
Yet God is good and we no longer have to pretend.
The ruling demons going down, and we are to ascend!

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