Situation Update: Fake Alien Invasion! Russia In Ukraine! NATO Russian Talks Fail! Project Veritas: Fauci Exposed! Mandate Madness! Medical Racism! – We The People News

Here's What People Are Buying Right Now!

Not everyone will WAKE UP… I think its quite clear now that so many are already Trans-Human And Brain Dead through years of Tell-A-Vision. Schooling, and a lack of GOD in them Like they say you can lead a Horse to Water but you can’t make it Drink… Well Horses are smarter than most Humans…So the new saying should be You can Show an LGBQT WOKE RAINBOW ANTIFA PERSON TRUTH. But they Despise YOU then use the RACIST CARD on You. Thats if your Lucky, if not you will Be BASHED or Worse Lets move FORWARD with those already AWAKE, after all there is much work and LOVE to be done

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