Situation Update, Dec 22, 2021 – Harvard Scientist Charles Lieber, Nanowires, DoD, CCP, Wuhan, Covid & Vaccine Bioweapons! – (Part 1) – Mike Adams Must Video

Here's What People Are Buying Right Now!

How can the definition of the “human” by the government of the United States of America, be changed from the idiotic definition being that “humans are animals”? Is that why they are giving “boosters which include 7 viruses of true animals” to people? What about the latest fad for the past 2 decades, which is to feed humans “whole grains”? Humans cannot handle in the digestive system, the hulls which cover the germ of almost every grain that is consumed. All of those hulls are like tiny pieces of glass, scraping through the esophagus, stomach, and intestines and certain sphincters. This needs to be corrected immediately, right? Are people becoming so ill with bleeding guts by way of extremely tiny lacerations, because of the consumption of grain hulls in almost everything found inside of packaged foods? These people need to be prosecuted for creating this sinister plan to slowly and painfully kill people by ways of a “thousand cuts”. Did you ever notice that a certain brand of tortilla chips contain the “whole corn”? That is corn including the cob, really? Not sure if it also includes the stalk, leaves, and roots. Does it seem probable that people who are jabbed, will not need to charge their phones, because their own body will constantly charge it from the electrical current that is naturally found in the human body? The electrical pulse which keeps the heart beating, for example. Does the copper that is being inserted into clothing, ” a particular brand”, help to create a current through a person, for reasons that are not realized yet? Remember that copper is found in the human body, most likely to create the continual current of electricity for the heart to beat. Don’t forget about salt. What have we been told for the past couple of decades, reduce your salt consumption. hmm. Don’t forget also, the new fad to trim nasal hair from the nose, like extremely. So many unnatural things that come along, one by one.


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