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Situation Update, Dec 1, 2022 – Why The Masses Will BEG To Be Placed In FEMA Camps! – Mike Adams Must Video

Stocking up on supplies and gold/silver are good things to do but Mike is in dream world if he thinks that will prevent the elite from getting you. How are you going to pay your property taxes if they go to digital currency?
They got it set up to take said property if you don’t pay within a few years! Skills are great to have but yesterday America was going to be invaded by the Chinese and we were all going to die. All over the place. A bunch of what if’s one day after another. I feel like the COVID test kit was another bomb nobody is talking about. Shot definitely killer. Test kit slow killer?

People willingly used these things while the Egyptians used this as a form of torture back in the old days. While idiots today did it for free. Mask and 6 feet apart is a satanic ritual. Nobody is awake.


My wife just had two coworkers die suddenly and they have no clue why. Clot shot denial. People are asleep and not gonna wake up. Q is a psych ops. Wake up!

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