Situation Update – CEO Brandon: The White Office Inc.? New Liberals Country! Bioweapons & Nuclear Weapons Labs In Ukraine! Marburg Virus In Time For 2022 Election! – We The People News

Today begins a new day of more info. Will it be truth or more contrived lies. Maybe there really is new hope. But we won’t know until it is so. When all the world sees, what we’ve all been waiting for. Something to believe and isn’t keeping score. The truth that comes out in front of our eyes. The truth that says do or die Real credible evidence of what has been done Not just pictures but actual videos of some Has all the waiting we have All done show us that we have not been overcome ? I for one am waiting for the day I can touch and feel this, those that have been slayed I want the gruesome pictures of all the Cabal I want full details and how they did fall Maybe for some, you don’t wish to see But seeing is believing for you and me I demand the true facts of each event taken More than just a short version of each break in To all of the Patriots who are still alive and have not died You are the hero’s who will always survive Your story told from your own mouth The incredible heartaches you took without doubt The constant bombardment of your life as you worked To convince all of those who refutiated your worth Bring all of it to the foreground and make them eat their words I will not hesitate to back up what you say You are the ones still fighting today To anyone out there still engaged in this way, Never give up because We The People still pray That this 100 % take down of the Cabal still in play God bless you all for your tasks and success You are Gods warriors and our Angels for the rest No one on this earth will ever forget what you’ve done To free all mankind, one by one So claim your rewards and never be shy You were on the battle field when you said do or die. You are truly the ones the whole world wishes to see To continue to mimick your own life that be Your inspiration that can only come From shaking your hand & saying job well done We still need you when your job is complete So never run away or ever retreat I pray to God for you All everyday 🙏

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