Situation Update: Black Sea Standoff! Trump’s Return! Arizona Audit Attacks!(Must Video)

Black Sea Standoff, Trump’s return, AZ audit attacks, CCP defector, DUMB clean outs ongoing and more!

I will be cheering for that day when they all get what is coming to them.

AZ already told Garland if they try to interfere they WILL be arrested.

The question everyone should be yelling from the roof tops. Why are these shots still being administered, now that we know so much and how deadly they are. they will give a 100% death rate, in a maximum of 2 to 3 years. This is not from me, it is from a Nobel Laureate Scientist who’s specialty is immunology and virology. All who take the shots WILL die, you have stamped your own expiration dates. I know this sounds harsh and unfeeling to say, but my God man, people need to wake up, its your lives at stake. They, the enemy do not give one shit about you or anyone else, the sooner you come to grasp that fact, more will come clear.

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