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Situation Update, Aug 15, 2022 – The Deep State Plan Revealed: Frame a Civil War to Justify UN Troops to Occupy & Disarm America! – Mike Adams Video 

I’m guessing that every one of those FBI agents involved in the Trump raid will “Mysteriously” die or disappear over the next few months. The DS needs to clean up their mess as fast as possible. If you don’t think that’s true, try looking into all the cops that looked into Hunter Biden’ laptop, or anyone involved in the clean up of 911 that tried to voice the truth. ANYONE who gets too close to the truth is extinguished!

Love you Mike. Appreciate and respect your knowledge regarding your professional knowledge. Some American citizens are highly intelligent, resourceful and well funded. Some of them are powerful in knowledge of electrical power. Gaining a list of government officials especially the FBI/CIA/NSA… would be helpful and greatly appreciated. Chemtrails must be stopped period. The narrative of these Chemtrails being (the good kind) now is for fools and the lost. Like J Reid and the rest. There is a storm coming Mike. God is real. His army is everywhere.

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