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What does being a Patriot mean to me?

My dad served in the Navy in World War II.
In the heart of the Pacific as the fighting grew.
He was a radio man and heard many things.
Never wanted to talk much about it, wasn’t his thing.
What he did manage to say was very difficult for him.
Probably why me in the Military, chances were slim.
That taught me right there, that War is very grim.
So as I grew up and became an adult.
Always knew something was off, is this world a cult?.
Started falling down rabbit holes in a different kind of war.
I began to understand what my dad and every vet did fight for.
A new kind of war fought from behind the scenes.
Had to become a Domestic Patriot to win by different means.
I love my Country and have done all that I know how to.
Holding accountable as many criminal scum as I knew.
Without fear I went face to face with them too.
Win some lose some this is War and I’m no fool.
I stand before Heavenly Father, pledge my allegiance and pray too.
For I’m older now and depend more than ever on you.
That more domestic Patriots stand up to the criminal ruse.
With our brave Military We the People will not lose.
Never give up, never give in and do not refuse.
To all domestic Patriots, Thank You, for paying your dues.
This is how I feel now, being a Patriot in the information news.
Maybe in some of you, I helped light or reignite your Patriot fuse! BQQM!!!


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