Situation Update: American Revolution 2.0! We’re Getting Closer To The Big Event & All Militaries Around The World Are Positioning! Judy Byington Report! – Must Video

They need to get a clear message, I see a lot of the broadcast I watch saying we Patriots are not doing enough, but are told by most to NOT go to protest because it’s a trap so which is it . We Patriots who have been awake for a while now most do not comply with the mask and lockdowns and vax so we are doing our part and sticking up for America and our rights. The messages that we are not doing enough does not help the millions of Patriots who are doing what they can.

Do not comply that is a trick there are doctors and nurses that are prepared to lose their jobs so what are you going to do then you better start looking for you as self-healing book because you’re going to need it

4 ways to fight against the vaccine 1.Demand you right for informed consent and the right to refuse. 2. Religious exemption. 3. Just refuse. 4. File a criminal complaint challenge against Health Act. Watch this episode of The Stew Peters Show. Freedom Fighter Court VICTORY! Ends Masking, Shots, Quarantine in Alberta!

No lockdowns don’t mask be free fight for your freedom. Teachers are out to put that back to Nation shot in your kids and you will never know it unless you ask your kids and tell them to not comply walk out of the school!

Are you “comfortable or scared”? No I’m comfortably numb. This needs to go down soon.

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