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SG Anon INTEL – CONDENSED ~ Juan O Savin “Wrap Up 122 SCOTUS Kills Vax!”!! – Situation Update

Biden committed treason, when he opened our borders to the illegals.. so many are still sleeping as to thinking he’s doing a great job running this country, the things they’ve hidden fun is for decades, manufacturing of free energy for everyone world wide, the medicine that can cure things we’ve been funding for decades, foods they’ve slowly poisoning us from. this is a war of good vs evilness, so many in high places making decisions for we the people, these aren’t elected officials, making laws for the world of citizens. a dictatorship of inslavement for generations.

We are watching a movie. SCOTUS is already done guys!


Jesus said the deception would so strong in this hour we are living that it would deceive the very elect, IF POSSIBLE. It’s not possible to deceive us and all who are totally sold out and in love with Jesus, The Father, Holy Spirit and true brothers and sisters. The elect like the wonderful folks in this video. Y’all are and are helping us to be circumspect, focused, and sober. Thanks for a great report.

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