Seal Michael Jaco & Mel K Dive Into The Coming Collapse Of The Cabal & What That Looks Like! – Must Video

What is happening in Afghanistan IS Trump’s deal with the Taliban. It’s all staged. Fake scenes, fake information coming out of there. Biden looks totally inept, which was planned. Trump knew The elections would be stolen and Biden would be President at this time. This was all set up.

Hence why Biden was taken out shortly after the Bush funeral, went missing for a year then suddenly re-emerged for the primaries looking and acting totally different, ‘won’ the primaries at the death through obvious fraud then ‘won’ the election itself through even more blatant treason. It’s almost like poetic justice for him, he’s technically getting what he always wanted by being the fake president but he’s not actually around to experience it and he’s being made to look like the most incompetent piece of trash to ever take office.

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