Q Proof! Military Set Up Raid! – Must Video

Has it occurred to anyone, that Q is the puppet master driving the deepstate players actions? How can one post what these people are going to do 4 years in advance, and then these people actually do what they were supposed to do? Because they are being scripted to do so, to expose their corruption and reveal their deception in a manner that peoples minds can accept. If you can believe in these “Co-incidences” then you love this…. Read in your Bible the vision that Daniel had about the end days,, Daniel Ch 7 is a short chapter only 28 verses, read it and see how many coincidences you find in these few paragraphs. Spoiler Alert, This is wisdom given to us but kept secret for over 2000 years, it was sealed by God and hidden from man until the time when the earth is ripe for harvest. One who has wisdom and contimplates the visions seen by Daniel in Ch 7 and another one in Ch9…. puts all the peieces together to form a glorious picture of what Trump means by NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING.

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