Putin Will ATTACK Warns Col. Douglas Macgregor! Biden's Weakness Endangers US & Ukraine! - Stephen Gardner - best news here

Putin Will ATTACK Warns Col. Douglas Macgregor! Biden’s Weakness Endangers US & Ukraine! – Stephen Gardner

Putin Will ATTACK Warns Col. Douglas Macgregor! Biden’s Weakness Endangers US & Ukraine! – Stephen Gardner

Col Douglas Macgregor and Stephen Gardner discuss Ukraine Russia war, Biden as a mentally weak president and the danger that comes with that. Putin will make moves on the US in ways not used in traditional warfare. I saw the Pentagon and military have heightened risk to level Charlie. What does that mean and why do you think the military is going on higher alert?

You and I have been saying Biden has dementia and isn’t doing well mentally. Now the whole world knows it. Even Jake Tapper of CNN is telling his audience I had no idea Biden’s was struggling to much with his mentall health. Do you think he and other mainstream media are lying about Biden’s mental health or can they just not hide it now so it try to keep trust with viewers they are throwing Biden under the bus?

Valeria Biden is saying Jill Biden is keeping Joe in office. She says it is elder abuse and he is angry at Jill. Why do Jill and Hunter want Joe to stay in power while his sister tells the world, My Brother in not well mentally and shouldn’t be president?

American’s are struggling to put food on the table, pay rent, hold one job yet Biden tells the American people the economy is great and now announced he’s sending another $2.3 billion to Zelensky in Ukraine. Why is the Biden administration just one continuous middle finger to the American people?


America provided cluster munitions to Ukraine and now they’ve been used on a beach in crimea to attack families on vacation. Russia is saying this attack, aided by the United States will not go un answered. What more can you tell us and how might they answer on us?

I shared your ‘after the debate’ reaction video to my youtube community. Your words were powerful. You mentioned a need for an early election to remove this government and replace them. I know this happens in Europe but could it happen in the Us or is it more likely Kamala Harris steps into the role of president?

We know many top politicians are compromised one way or another. Is there any chance some of them are compromised into keeping the border wide open or are they just stupid and careless and pretending not to see the problem?

Col. Douglas Macgregor: Putin Will Make a Joe Against Biden while weak!


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