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Putin: “The New World Order Is Dead!” – The Q Calendar And The 7 Storms

Cancelled Eye Specialist Reveals “7 Second Ritual” To Restore Perfect 20/20 Vision

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Russian NTN TV that the New World Order has collapsed, claiming that the world NOW is suffering the recent decline from the death of the elite regime.

Putin also said that the new world order failed due to the awakening of people around the world who eventually restored the treacherous TRUTH over the elite’s plans. That the octopus’ head was cut off exactly a month ago.

Did he just talk about the New World Order rampant in Russia?

Although it was only a local victory in times of economic globalization, this was only made possible by a series of international events that we have already reported via MEDIAZONE.

In fact, Putin’s position on Russian television that the new world order is dead is not thunder in a calm sky.

We know that on January 20, 2021, Biden was not in Washington at the White House, but at Castle Rock, Hollywood Studios. In a poorly reconstructed oval art office: with candlelit chandeliers on the ceiling, while the real oval office has powerful spotlights.

With brown carpet, while the real carpet is light beige. The fake Biden signed blank initials with his left hand, although the real Biden is right-handed. You could see people looking out the window while the real Oval Office is surrounded by lawns and trees so that passersby can no longer look.

Many CEOs of famous companies have resigned: from Amazon, Disney, Linkedin, Washington Post, Desmarais brothers, etc… The US Army occupies Washington DC. And these mass arrests, followed by trials, are taking place in a hastily erected three-story cabin opposite the White House.

Unusual rumors are circulating about possible arrests of known people.

In France, the army has made important decisions through the Defense Council since December 2020. Thanks to her, we have not been reconfigured ( Putin’s former chief of staff calls Trump a champion against the deep state ).

On February 17, 2021, 56 American helicopters and 350 air troops landed in Calais. These helicopters flew over Paris at 20:00 on the 17th of February: I heard that they flew perfectly at low altitude. The next day, the TF1 news could not be broadcast and some in VK put the link between the American helicopters and the TF1 incident. Also, a ship that left Beaumont, Texas, goes to Dunkirk: it is full of American soldiers. Macron is burned: released by MEDEF, anti-containment. He fell for ATTALI. And above all the French, who “weigh” more than 2.22% in the last municipalities.

Henri Warie, who lives in Bas-Rhin, Alsace, tells VK: “Attack helicopters sometimes fly over my house at low altitude in cruise mode: going from southwest to northeast. December 18, 2020, Boeings, accompanied by fighter planes…: In one day, more than ten Boeings marched over my house.

Antoine Ha writes of the UK:

“There is a nasty variant of the virus in Dunkirk that has only resulted in further containment in this northern city. That’s weird. Exactly there. “

Covid’s narrative is just a pretext for the general public, who have failed to understand that military operations are underway… The cleanup continues against the backdrop of an imaginary pandemic.

Under a 2019 law, Donald Trump is the commander in chief of the US Army from January 20 to March 20, 2021. He currently leads 805 operations in the United States and elsewhere. Rumor has it that he will return to the White House on April 1. Others speak of March 4 (editor’s note: the fake date has passed without any event). Let’s be careful as the date of January 20, 2021 did not bring us luck.

The Q Calendar And The 7 Storms

According to the Q calendar, “POTUS and John would open on Sunday. March 21 “Juan O Savin recently said that the restoration of the republic should take place by April 28, 2021 (Editor’s note: another false date).

Restored Republican factions have already established the federal capital in Native American sovereign areas around Houston and Austin, TX. Last year, the Federal Reserve was integrated into the new US Department of the Treasury, located on an Indian reservation near Reno, Nevada.

On March 3, President Trump flew to Switzerland with Air Force One, where, according to Charlie Ward, he signed documents to release NESARA/GESARA.


On March 15, NESARA Debt Anniversary Debt Relief Packages will be released to pay off federal debt on mortgages, credit cards and other past government-sponsored debt classes.

Also on March 21, Q’s “Into the Storm” was scheduled to air on HBO.

The Q calendar indicated that this was the beginning of 7 storms that would have 7 days with 7 trumpets and 7 kingdoms:

The Cabal’s money supply was stopped with the implementation of the Global Currency Reset. Retaliation was likely caused by cyber attacks, stock market crash and internet crash, as well as a global social media blackout, while the failure of China’s Three Gorges dam would destroy and break bitcoin facilities.

The starting event for the 7 Storms may well revolve around structural flaws in this Three Gorges Dam. The dam was the largest in the world and held an incredible 39 billion cubic meters of water – so massive that the destruction would have a measurable impact on the Earth’s rotation.

Water from a dam breach would cover major cities and also destroy facilities under the dam (tunnels leading to Wuhan), including bitcoin and child trafficking, organ harvesting, the gun barrel and cabal drug networks.

End of quote. There is another fairy tale post:

To handle the entire army, the Emergency Broadcast System would be activated on the Space Force’s new Starlink satellite system. The three Starlink satellites would take over all media around the world, broadcasting daily news, information and safety briefings from the president to phones and computers around the world, while switching to Telsa Free Energy around the world.

There was a chance that the United States and other countries were under national restrictions, including schools and businesses closed for several days. Locks can be placed at any time depending on how events occurred.

Trump insider Robert David Steele said:

“Patriots were told to stay off the streets and capitals. It was well known that false flag events were planned to discredit patriots. Nonviolence was vital. Obey the law and let events happen.” (Editor’s note, this statement refers to the false date of March 4 when Trump was supposed to become president)

Russian President Vladimir Putin on NTN:

“It’s over! The Freemasons have failed! The new world order has failed! The new world order has collapsed, the world is now experiencing the ultimate contraction of the elite regime to death. The new world order failed because of the awakening of people around the world who finally restored the insidious truth to the elite’s plans. “

The Q Clock (Updated 2022 Edition)

The Q Clock – Deep State Connection Maps – Great Awakening Map – Widespread Elite Pedophilia Connections Map – GESARA Connections Map – D.A.R.P.A. Connections Map – Pedophilia Connections Map & More

The Q Team has formed an international white hat military alliance with what is rumored to be some 170 countries worldwide, in coordination with their militaries and organizations like the International Human Rights Tribunal, Interpol, the NSA, and Space Force.

The Q plan has supposedly been in the making since the fake CIA Cabal assassination of JFK, where he used a body double to secretly survive and continue his plan to takedown the cabal once and for all. Like father, like son JFK Jr. has been heavily involved in the Q plan to takedown the Cabal and therefore also had to fake his death in a plane crash in order to evade many assassination attempts that Hillary Clinton was conspiring against him when they were competing for a 2000 New York senate position…

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