Princess Diana’s Brother Talks About Pedophiles and Sadists (Video)

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Says he was Sexually Abused as a Child at an All-Boys Boarding School, Maidewell Hall

• Charles Spencer at the age of 8 attended an all-boys boarding school named Maidwell Hall

“We were like prisoners. We were prey to very bad peoples worst instincts.”

• He described the Head Master, Mr. Porch as a pedophile and a sadist.

—— “he staffed the school himself with people who would either go along with what he was doing, or be mute about it.”

• Children were sexually, physically, and emotionally abused on a daily basis.

• Teachers also participated… one example he gave was that he was caught in a changing room by himself and beat him


• A female teacher would go to him while sleeping and kiss him. She was having sleeping with a few students around 11 years old.

• Children every week were whipped with a cane

• Why didn’t the parents ask questions seeing their children’s scars and wounds?
— old money parents thought this will make my child stronger and tougher.
— new money parents thought this is what they do and we want to be part of this set.


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