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Phil Godlewski – Challenge: Discussion On The Recent Accusations Made Against Himself & Also Talks About A Very Under-The-Radar Intel Drop! – Must Video

Phil I have been following this case. Its been up at the Supreme Court for a couple of weeks now and any day the decision will come out that they are not going to hear the case. This is a non starter. At some point the military is going to have to step in. The court is not going to do it.

CONSIDER THIS – If you were ignorant on a subject, would you like to have your eyes opened in a loving considerate way with VERBAL EVIDENTIAL INFORMATION or have to go through very HARMFUL CIRCUMSTANCES that could do IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE to you & your loved ones. DJT is in the middle of a 4 year DJT-quote “PAUSE” to show people how BAD it is with the LEFT, with lots more TORTURE COMING to try to wake up the sheeple.

THE MILITARY/DJT have chosen to use CIRCUMSTANCES rather than instruction to teach people new information. Our GOD uses speaking to our heart FIRST! then verbal instruction, by a man or women, if we still don’t receive, CIRCUMSTANCES LAST. WOULDN’T YOU RATHER HAVE THE FOLLOWING SCENARIO? MILITARY/DJT CONTROLLING THEIR WORST ENEMY, the WORLD MSM, early in 2017 making MSM report THE TRUTH on VICTORIES they WON! If this had been done strategically, the general PUBLIC would have had the TRUTH systematically and surgically put in their faces by REPORTERS they trust in the MSM. The Sheeple don’t listen to truther’s or Trump and will never be able to discern all TRUMP’S CODE SPEAK. We are 2 years in and Trump stated it hasn’t woke enough up yet, giving examples of MORE PAIN to come. IF EARLY 2017 TRUE NEWS WAS REPORTED BY THE WORLD MSM, A FOUNDATION FOR TRUTH ABOUT THE MANY CRIMES & COVID WOULD HAVE BEEN ESTABLISHED IN A GENTLE WAY. THIS IS A GODLY WAY TO WAKE UP THE SHEEPLE. NOW IS THE TIME – MILITARY/TRUMP! – PLEASE TAKE THE MSM OVER AND USE THEIR SYSTEM FOR HUMANITY, RATHER THEN THE EVIL THAT HAS BEEN THE LAST SEVERAL YEARS.

TRUMP’S EXECUTIVE ORDER COMMENCING NESARA /GESARA: Debt Economy | Debt Forgiveness | National Debt & Fiat Currency – YouTube FULL HISTORY OF NESARA/GESARA all 209 countries are signed on to Nesara/Gesara


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