Patriot Underground: Kash Patel Vs Juan O Savin On Midterms! Patriot Division & Fog Of War! Enemy On The Defensive! Weaponization Of The “Justice” System! – Must Video 

9/3 Deadline Looming
Highly Trained Actors Driving The Drama
Compartmentalization Of The Q Strategy
Intelligence Agency Backdoors
How McAfee’s IRS Dispute Led To 32 TB
Drone Flights Over Epstein Island
Israeli Hacking Into Iranian Centrifuges
War By Another Means
Nation-State Attack Camouflage
Why We Have Been Under COG
McAfee Quest To Bring Down The Corrupt Temple
Taxation Weaponization
Tim Canova Case: An Election 2020 Preview?
Has The Election Evidence Already Been Destroyed
Social Media A Global MK Ultra Operation
Digital Group Think Manipulation
Censorship As An Admission Of MSM Failure
Cryptocurrency And McAfee’s Doomsday Device
Cabal Plot To Transfer Wealth Ahead Of USD Crash
Bitcoin Price Manipulation
Fake Alien Invasion & Project Bluebeam
Cuttings Comms In Prep For A Nuclear Launch
Weather Phenomena & HAARP Technology
October/Halloween Possible Scenarios
McAfee Wasn’t The First To Fake His Death

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