Officer Who Shot Ashli Babbitt Was Secret Service Agent Allegedly Assigned to Mike Pence, Report Says

A report from the Spectator suggests that the officer who fatally shot unarmed veteran Ashli Babbitt was a Secret Service agent assigned on security detail for former Vice President Mike Pence.

The report, titled “Who killed Ashli Babbitt?” says, “sources close to and within the intelligence community tell Cockburn that Babbitt was actually shot by a member of then-vice president Mike Pence’s protective detail. The VP’s detail, of course, is provided by US Secret Service, not the Capitol Police. One person asserted to Cockburn over drinks in DC that this is ‘basically an open secret’ in the intelligence community.”

According to the report, “law enforcement sources suggested that the Capitol Police Department and Department of Justice have publicly identified the shooter as a Capitol Police officer in order to protect the reputation of the Secret Service.”

The Spectator suggests that the government has not been open and honest about the killer’s identity due to these revelations.

The report continues, “Michael Brendan Dougherty floated the idea that Babbitt was shot by Secret Service on his Twitter account in early June, writing in response to Aaron Babbitt’s lawsuit, ‘I mean, at this point you have to suspect that it’s not a Capitol cop.’ He replied ‘SS’ when asked who he thought could have been responsible instead.”

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This is an excerpt from the National File. 

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