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Obama Judge Forces School District To Allow Satanists To Teach Children ‘Satanic Virtues’ (MUST VIDEO)

A federal judge has ruled that a Pennsylvania school district must allow Satan worshippers to visit schools and teach children about the so-called “virtues of Satanism” including self-expression, critical thinking, and problem solving.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) welcomed the ruling, declaring it a victory for both free speech and religious freedom. They expressed their support for schools being required to host clubs that honor Satan, while also advocating for limitations on schools’ ability to offer prayer.

“In a victory for free speech and religious freedom, a federal court has ruled that the Saucon Valley School District must allow the After School Satan Club to meet in district facilities,” the ACLU said.

In advocating for the use of school property for the convening of a Satanists club, the ACLU said that the school had to allow it under their policy of allowing groups to rent space. They said that there were many groups, including other religious groups, that were granted the ability to rent space. 


“The Satanic Temple (TST), which sponsors the [After School Satans Club], likewise applied to use school facilities after being contacted by a local parent who hoped to bring to the region a non-Christian religious club that would be safe and inclusive for their non-Christian children,” the ACLU said.

Satanists recently tore apart a Holy Bible at SatanCon, the largest Satanic gathering in the world. For a glimpse of what is set to take place in our children’s classrooms, watch this video:

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