New Stew Peters Live: Military Set to Crush Truckers, Doctor Physically Removing Patients from Killer Hospitals

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The Canadian trucker convoy started as a protest. Now, it’s practically brought the Canadian government to its knees. The Covid tyrants in Ottawa are coming unglued. So they’re getting more aggressive. In Parliament, Canada’s pathetic, fake “conservative” party threw out their leader for even meeting with the Truckers. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police sent a representative of the Crown to meet with truckers in an eerie scene, something that looks like war games, something that reminds us of a horrific movie or a recreation of the genocidal events in our world’s history.

Baheej Saliba is a commercial pilot. He has close to four decades of experience, after moving here from a war-torn country with a dream of learning to fly. He drove across America 7 times hunting for a flying job before he got one in Arizona. They built their own house by hand over five years. They are the real American dream, but now some goose step enforcers are trying to crush them.

The regime “media” is protecting the Biden crime family, but we will not. Garrett Ziegler exposes UNDENIABLE evidence of criminal offenses, and provides contact information for the sheriff that can make arrest(s).

Stew Peters is the popular talk show host who has been entertaining the radio as well as the general audience with his amazing podcast. Most recently he has been discussing the issues regarding the covid vaccine, the children who are in contact with the vaccine, and other similar recent topics in his podcast.

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