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New Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: 146 More ‘Vaccines’ in Development, More ‘Sudden’ Deaths Coming & Transhumanism

Being a medical doctor who fearlessly exposes the truth behind a sanctioned agenda of death and complete control over all survivors is difficult at best. Fighting the largest medical and pharmaceutical giants for accurate statistics and real data about the harm done to people in the name of science by experimental gene-editing injections is dangerous and destructive to one’s life, yet Dr. Sherri Tenpenny excels at doing just that.

The Left is fond of saying that “COVID” is not done with us yet. Stated differently and perhaps more accurately, is that the Globalist planners are not done with us yet. Did you know that as of last month, there are 146 different types of COVID shots in development, including 33 already approved for limited or full use across the world?


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