New arrest in Capitol riots and WHAT A SURPRISE it’s a known BLM Radical who was DISGUISED as Trump supporter

CNN and the mainstream media have been breathlessly reporting on every single person who is arrested, banned from flying, questioned, related to someone who was questioned in relation to the Capitol riot on January 6th. But we’ll see if they report equally as excitedly about THIS one.

John Earl Sullivan is an activist and agitator from BLM protests and riots around the country but specifically well known in Utah for it, and he has just been ARRESTED.

KUTV’s Heidi Hatch has been all over this from the day of the riot.

Today she reported the arrest.

And YES, as a matter of fact, he WAS dressed up like a Trump supporter and deliberately trying to provoke and engage in violence and destruction so that Trump supporters would be blamed. He’s caught. He’s caught ON camera and by A NEWS STATION and by THE FBI.

It’s almost like that “conspiracy theory” that Antifa and BLM were an important and instigating part of the riot was true, ain’t it?

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