Navy Seal Michael Jaco: Many People Are Going To Go Through The Crying Game As We Expose The Nazi’s They Love! – Must Video

God is producing the rain, He knows our country should not have to endure the things and illegals coming here!! Trust this, the weather is going to get much worse!!! I went for preop yesterday for a 3rd surgery on my shoulder and my nurse, whom I know told me that a lady that took the clot shot just died from a clot to the lung 🫁, after her 2nd shot, I said to her, I’ve instructed my doctor to stop giving them, I told her, they will be held accountable for crimes against humanity!! She said after her booster, the 1st one, her arm felt like it was gonna fall off!! I’m askin her, why, why would you and others take an experimental shot? I ask every healthcare worker!! I need to get some of the root wellness for metal detox and I really don’t know which one to get? Suggestions, anyone? I was thinking on the powder, pine pollen 🤷‍♀️, President Trump is winning and God knows, Hes in control!!! That fake actor/CGI is a satanic being!! They sure are playing the part out to the end, huh? Stay strong 💪, blessings and love to all ❤️🤍💙, thank you Michael for sharing, I’d like to learn more about those metal pieces you wear😊

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