Mrtruthbomb: Putin Vs the Satanic Pedophile Deep State (Part One) Putin Vs the Deep State – Part Two – Red Lines (Videos) 

Note: As I have wrote and said for a long time now, I know nothing… Trust no one, use Critical Thinking, question everything also this video, do your own Fucking research (Links below) and come to your own Fu*&ing conclusion. Thinks are ‘connected’ and There is NO such thing as a Coincidence!

The Satanic Facist ‘One World Order’ = WEF ‘The Great Reset’ = WEF/UN ‘Agenda 2030′ = WEF ‘The Young Global Leaders’ = WEF ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’ = ‘The New Normal’ = ‘Build Back Better’ = ‘One World Government’ = ‘One World Currency’ = ‘The One World Religion’ = ‘Trust The Science’ = ‘Trust the Plan’… Any Questions?

In this film we will look at the recent history of Ukraine that has led to Putin liberating Ukraine from Deep State Neo Nazis.

Part 1

Part 2

In this video we will look at how the deep state have used false flags and disinformation propaganda to initiate regime change in countries that go against their agendas.

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