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Moderna CEO Bancel Worshipped Demon “Baphomet”

The late Moderna CEO Stephan Bancel, whom the military hanged on November 18, had long worshipped a demonic entity called Baphomet, according to diary-like entries JAG investigators siphoned from the clot shot manufacturer’s iPad.

Per Wikipedia, Baphomet is a deity allegedly worshipped by the Knights Templar that later became incorporated into various occult and Western esoteric traditions. The name Baphomet appeared in trial transcripts for the Inquisition of the Knights Templar starting in 1307, and came into popular English usage in the 19th century during debate and speculation on the reasons for the suppression of the Templar order. Illustrations often depict the creature as half-man, half-goat.

Bancel’s genesis into the realm of the occult is not made clear, but entries made between 2015-2022—the length of time Bancel owned the device—suggest Bancel and the creature, if one believes in such things, became acquainted while he was a freshman studying biological engineering at the University of Minnesota. He wrote that Baphomet, which he described as a “horned savior,” first appeared to him in dreams, and later in visions.

Many of Bancel’s entries are encapsulated flashbacks, as though he intended to one day publish them as some type of twisted, demonic autobiography.

While at college, Bancel writes, Baphomet often appeared in and spoke to his mind, showering him with blandishments and promising him a prosperous future in exchange for eternal fealty. The “deliverer” told Bancel its guidance had a price, though Bancel, in his words, would not learn what that meant until years later.

“Baphomet—he had told me his name—fulfilled his promises: My grades improved, my social anxiety faded, I felt more confident, and girls talked to me. It was euphoric, without the need of drugs or alcohol. Baphomet loved me, and I him,” Bancel wrote in an entry dated November 12, 2016.

Their relationship, however, briefly turned tempestuous during Bancel’s junior year. Writings referencing that year contain intimations of possession and molestation that took place after Bancel hesitated to perform a “favor.”

“He wanted me to do something to a girl,” Bancel wrote, “something I didn’t want to do. And when I refused, I awoke in the morning three days straight in excruciating pain, with blood leaking from my rear. I said I was sorry and gave myself to him. He opened me, and I invited him in. He told me I wouldn’t get in trouble, that he’d protect me. And we did what he asked—to that girl.”


Bancel’s entries do not expound on what he did or to whom.

Other entries evinced a symbiotic relationship between Bancel and Baphomet. “I sensed we needed each other. Could we have survived without the other, independently, I’m not sure. He was still with me after graduation,” Bancel wrote in an entry dated April 15, 2017.

On April 17, 2019, Bancel wrote that Baphomet physically manifested itself. “I looked in the mirror and saw us. He had superimposed himself on me, his body, my head, crowned with horns.” His written monologue suggested the incident occurred while he was working at Eli Lilly and Company.

Baphomet apparently “left” Bancel for several years. “I felt isolated, alone, empty, and hollow, like an eggshell without yolk. He abandoned me to my own devices, and for a while I felt free of him, but then in 2011 appeared again, and I felt complete.”

2011 is when Bancel became CEO of Moderna.

“He told me that through him I’d help bring about a cleansing fire hat would purge impurities from the world,” Bancel wrote on February 20, 2012. “He said he’d make me wealthy beyond my wildest dreams, and guarantee that my family wound never want for anything, but, again, I would have to pay a toll.”

Baphomet, Bancel said, wanted others to use as it used him. The demon wanted Bancel to provide a conduit to his two children, so it could “influence” them. When Bancel flinched, whether by a dint of sanity or strength of character, the entity reminded him that his family’s future was preordained, and that reluctance to abide its instructions would result in pain, suffering, and eternal damnation.

Bancel’s last entry on the iPad was made on February 20, 2020, three months after the FDA granted Moderna Emergency Use Authorization on its Covid-19 vaccine.

“I did all you asked,” Bancel wrote, ostensibly directing his comments directly to Baphomet, “please ensure your role is completed. “Our livelihood and survival is in your capable hands.”

Bancel’s faith in Baphomet didn’t save his life, and his fortune, at least what existed of it in U.S. banks, was seized at the time of his arrest.

To be clear: Neither RRN nor JAG assert Bancel had contact with a demon; he may, well, have just been crazy. Still, there’s more to Heaven and earth than is dreamt in our society.

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