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Military Insider Just Warned Me of SOMETHING HUGE! PREP NOW! – Patrick Humphrey Preparedness Must Video

HTF PREP NOW Military insiders are warning of catastrophic problems within the ranks. 60,000 military personnel have had their pay slashed & recruiting numbers are at an all time low. Russia threatens to turn off. the pipelines furthering the gasdemic shortages and empty shelves. WW3 is closer than ever Limits at Walmart and limits at Costco have started to spread all over the country. Soon we will see shortages in all of our favorite foods and items from supply chain disruptions. Prepping for SHTF is more important than ever now. Prep now to stay prepared in a hectic world. Lots people have been saying there is no fruit at Walmart or no fruit at Costco. We all have seen empty shelves at Walmart and empty shelves at Costco. Empty shelves are at almost every store from supply chain disruptions. Prep for SHTF now before its too late. What are you doing to get prepared on your homestead? Are you a prepper like Canadian Prepper ? SHTF is here!

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